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* New * Shannon Muir's Tales Of CTF2187 is a great site for game related fiction and more.


The ICON Alliance Homepage. Perhaps the largest of the COD II factions now has their own site. Contains a wealth of information for ICON members and non-members alike.


The ICON Crack Of Doom I & II Message Board


Crack of Doom I & II Message Board: Interesting archive of online discussions covering such topics as game politics, events and rules.


Orbo's CTF2187 Home Page: * Revised Link 12/16/00 * A player run site. A great source of information including player bios, newsletter archives, Bot reviews and more.


Conclave COD II Chat: Another interesting site including player discussions and other resources, primarily covering COD II issues.


CTF2187 Chat: * New 2/8/00 * A great place for CTF players to meet, chat and share.


Harlequin Games: Our UK affiliate that runs COD2 in Europe.


Adobe Acrobat Reader: Go here to download the viewer for PDF files.


To unzip or open/uncompress ZIP (also TAR, GZIP, Mime, and others) files try PKware (covers most platforms including DOS, Windows, OS2, UNIX, etc.) or WINZIP (perhaps the most popular Windows version, covers 3.1 through 2000).


United States Post Office. Rates, Regulations, etc.


Flying Buffalo Inc. A reliable PBM company.


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