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Industry News

This special section of the AGEFORFUN website is provided as a courtesy for everyone who enjoys Play-By-Mail gaming. We will gladly publish any industry news of general interest to the PBM community. Please send news and announcements to Please be sure to identify yourself (first & last name), state any connection you may have to the industry (moderator, player, investor, etc.) and whether the information you are providing is an official announcement, a fact as you know it, gossip or speculation.

* November 28th, 2001 * As you are no doubt aware, traditional postal service has been erratic since the events on September 11th. The latest news from the Post Office is that items over 16 ounces (1 pound) are being shipped by ground rather than air. This apparently applies to Priority Mail and perhaps Express Mail as well as we recently had a case of a rather large set of Priority Mail turns taking eleven days to reach us from Texas. Granted, it is very unusual for anyone to send us a set of turns that large, even with a lot of supporting documents, but anything sent to us comes back even larger due to the addition of charge receipts, turn results printouts and the like. Thus to ensure the fastest possible mail service, to us or anyone else including those holiday gift packages, be aware of the 16 ounce limit and try to avoid it if at all possible, even if it means breaking a single large mailing into two or more smaller ones.

* July 6th, 2001 * SABLEDRAKE, an online magazine for SF/fantasy gaming enthusiasts, wants to expand their coverage to PBM and PBeM topics. This includes game reviews and PBM fiction. They've largely done fantasy in the past, mainly because that's been the type of submissions received. Each issue strives to meet a theme; for example, the August 2001 issue (submissions due 8/3/2001) is villainy; November 2001 (submissions due 11/2/2001) is Myth and Magic. No payment is to be paid by Sabledrake Enterprises for publication, but all artist and authors will be given the ability to link their article or artwork to a web site(s) of their choice with the permission of Sabledrake Enterprises. Visit Sabledrake Magazine at:

* January 13th, 2001 * Elaine Webber has begun to offer refunds to Paper Mayhem subscribers due to the long delay in getting out an issue. Is this the end of PM? Not quite. At least one company has expressed interest in getting PM rolling again....

* January 6th, 2001 * Pavel Lyakhovskiy announces that an international version of KLIP is now available. KLIP is a pbem game of economic competition. While his English is weak his enthusiasm is obvious. For more information check out his website at:

* July 27th, 2000 * Bob McLain, reporting in the July/August issue of Flagship UK, tells us that Kerry Harrison now intends to transfer Paper Mayhem to PBM legend  Don Lund. However, though the deal was set in May, Kerry has yet to transfer all the necessary materials. Kerry's latest PBM scheme (after divesting himself of all his Madhouse USA line of PBM games last October) is to create the "ultimate PBEM space opera" tentatively titled STARJAMMER based on the source code of the UK PBM game POLARIS.

* May 6th, 2000 * Kerry Harrison announced that he has acquired Paper Mayhem and the PBM Report. The PBM Report is being discontinued after publishing Issue #9 and the subscriber based is being merged into Paper Mayhem. He is currently working on a May/June 2000 issue (#91) of Paper Mayhem with a deadline date for submissions of May 19th. Check out the new website at: or contact him by email at: We wish Kerry the best of luck with his new venture and eagerly look forward to the return of Paper Mayhem.

* In the March/April edition of Flagship UK, correspondent Bob McLain reports the passing of David Webber. David was the long-time publisher/editor of Paper Mayhem magazine and one of the tireless champions of the PBM cause with his selfless efforts to promote the industry. Just as important, David was a nice guy and always a pleasure to talk to. Our condolences to David's family and friends for their loss.


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